Thanks for coming to this site, it is my purpose to help share with you the same system I use to train my dogs. Dogs can be so much more than a family pet. What I have proved is that developing a working relationship with our dogs, and the most up to date training can have amazing results.

Imagine when people come over and your dog goes to their dog bed/place command. Imagine putting your dog into a “sit” while you put your shoes on. You spend 20 minutes on a specific walk, and your dog comes back tired. Your dog comes home while you do your life for a few hours.

Your dog wakes up, and you decide to go to the forest. Your dog listens to you so you don’t have to yell, they always come. You put in some sit, some downs, and stay for a reward, and your dog gets more tired , and smarter. Every day you build this pattern, until you build the perfect dog. A dog that understands you.

My name is Adam, and I’d love to help you get that dog. That’s why I wrote my book, and developed two online courses so far. So that you can look over my shoulder and understand how I train dogs. Shorten your learning curve, and learn from someone who has what you want.

Get the book, check out the mobile app, or learn personally via online videos you can follow at your at pace. I’m here to help you get the dog of your dreams. See you on the inside!