Complete Off Leash Freedom With MASTERPAW

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Can I show you how to get complete off leash freedom? As most of you know I can train pretty well. I take my dogs everywhere, mostly off leash. From Malibu beach California, camping in Arizona, Firework shows, even the Las Vegas strip. Its cool to have a pet, but if you want to take your dog to that next level of complete off leash I can get you there.

All without shocking the dog. If your on my page I shouldn’t have to sell you on the ecollar, but if you don’t know, shock collars, now low level stim/vibrate collars have come along way. There is no doubt about it shock collars were meant to hurt the dogs. The needed reliability in hunting, but we have come a long way, and when used properly are literally the best tool.

Imagine being able to touch your dog anywhere. When they don’t want to come. When they are jumping on people, or you want communication without a collar/leash. Then you should look suggest the collar. Like any tool you can abuse them.

They have that power, but you have to know how to use them. Way too many trainers are using them from 30-100 when dogs, when taught rightly, feel 5-10 out of 100. Instead of shocking the dog we can communicate with either low-level stim or vibrate. 

You do however need to know how to use it. Most of the time trainers want it quick and abuse these things. Board and trains are thousands of dollars, but YouTube videos are pieced together.

Introducing MasterPaw Total Off Leash And Communication Training System

In this course you will learn

How to use the ecollar the right way on low level. 

Whats the difference between shock collars and ecollars

Where to buy

What upgrades to get

How to get your dog to come everytime

Stop digging, counter surfing, and jumping 

No more screaming or yelling

How to use communication vs pain 

And much much more

Let me take you by the hand and show you how I train. How I am able to take my dogs anywhere. I want to give you this power. Its like the ability to talk dog, I just have to teach both of you how to speak it. There is no reason try this by yourself.

Let me train you. Watch the online videos. Rewatch the ones you need to, and let anyone else in the family watch it too. After each video grab your dog and train. With my system you only need two 10-15 LeaderWalks (training walks) I will teach you how to have the dog of your dreams that will make your neighbors jealous.

This is an introductory price and will be going up soon. Grab your copy and join me on the inside! Off leash is a couple videos away!  


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